About me


Born with a decent dose of creativity and a taste to explore…

I found myself easily in a photography field, with the camera around my neck capturing unique moments, emotions, interesting people, beautiful nature and everyday life around me.

I graduated from Digital Media Studies and along photography I’m interested in graphic/web design. I worked in ma


rketing and also as a journalist/photojournalist. Last year I cooperated with the writer and journalist Jan Smid on his book: Paříž – co v průvodci nenajdete (Paris – what you don’t find in the travel guide).

At the moment I do photography alongside my job and enjoy every moment of it. I’m balancing somewhere between amateur and professional so that means I can deliver a quality pictures for the affordable price. Also I am open to TFP cooperation.

I do my best to be maximum flexible for the couple, my approach is informal and friendly. If circumstances allow, I’m happy to go with my clients for a coffee or glass of wine prior the photo shooting and get to know ourselves better, to discover our expectations. That’s is for me the key approach.